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  • Leading with a Limp

    QSOBS will host a New International Men´s Conference.  Jim Holway from Miami- USA is going to present this theme. We are inviting leaders of all Ecuador to come to Tabacundo next October 27th - 28th. More information call please 02-2528943. See more...

  • Medical Mission Kumanii Jun 2017

    A group of christians worked at Cayapas River last week giving medical care. Medical Missions are a tool to prepare the land to spread Jesus´s gospel and now the harvest is wonderful. Three congregations have been planted at Calle Mansa, Loma Linda and El Progreso.  Ladies classes has 80 sisters each week. The missionary team is renewing with two new graduates Ronny San Nicolas and Yicson Caicedo. It is a honour for us to serve at Cayapas River. See more...

  • Graduation 2017

    The QSOBS Promotion Sixteenth Graduation Ceremony was held this weekend. On this occasion 20 students concluded with all the academic, practical and presentation requirements of their monograph. They received a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from Sunset International Bible Institute. Baxter's brother, Steve Teel, introduced the baccarat message and Arturo Puente, representing Sunset, delivered the Bachelor's degree. In addition, three web site students completed the online Bible program and received their respective Bible Studies Certificates. One of them is from Zafra, Spain, the next from Guacara, Venezuela and the last one is from Quito, Ecuador; Who personally attended the ceremony. The swore up was carried out by Johua Marcum and the final farewell prayer was given by Kent Marcum. To date, 207 students have graduated in person. Carlos Guerrero de Barinas, Venezuela was the best graduate. Graduates also learned different jobs such as nursing, pastry, electricity, cell phone repair, etc. See more...


  • Ladies's Program

    Last week, QSOBS ladies presented their end-of-the year project on ways Women contribute to church life. Lourdes Molina has done an exceptional job in coordinating this ministry. See more...


  • XXIV National Ladies Conference

    "Looking for perfect love" Song of Songs 3:1
    Colon Church of Christ hosted the annual meeting. Many sisters of many congregation came to Quito and enjoyed the communion of Christ's body and they learned about his promises. We are looking for union and communion of churches in Ecuador. All be to the glory of God. See more....

  • Medical Missión Kumanií Feb 2017

    This time we attended 903 people at Kumanií camp, Progreso, Calle Manza and Telembí.  Dr. Barney Blue was a headed of mission. Many churches are planted along the Cayapas river.  Kent Marcum is a headed of Kumanií mision. See more...





  • New Elder

    The Colon Church of Christ appointed a new Elder. Cesar Espinoza was invited to serve to the membership. After that, we thanked Jorge Torres for his service in the church, now he is going to the city of Manta - Ecuador to establish a new congregation with a missionary team. See more...

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  • Christmas celebration

    We had a special celebration on Christmas occasion all the workers and families of the QSOBS. The meeting took place at the Marcum's home and it was a moment of communion and renewal of commitment for the cause of Christ. The school's educational ministry is bearing fruit with about one hundred and eighty graduates serving in many countries as well as many planted churches around the world. It is an honor to be a part of this ministry of the Churches of Christ to carry the gospel of peace. Our thanks to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and those loving hearts in supporting this work here and beyond Ecuador. See more....

  • Men's International Conference 2016

    This was a wonderful time to learn our mission and God's holiness. We have a calling to be true christians.Almost 100 brothers from differents cities were present at Camp Bellevue. Presenters were: Joshua Marcum (USA), Carlos Guerrero (Venezuela) y Wellington Gordón (Ecuador). See more...

  • Visiting Chimborazo Province Churches

    We had the oportunity to visit Chimborazo province. This time i introduced them the PLM program to help them grow up the church. There were present 18 leaders of many congregations. Next march 2017 will start this educational program sponsored by QSOBS. Also Arthur and Tim from Sunset gave them a bible solar device. See more....

  • Helping to Earthquake Areas

    Ecuador is suffering a lot replicates of the last earthquake. We see God's hand moving many hearts and many are sending a lot of suplies. Operation Ecuador is answering and sending many supplies to the Coast and now is looking for how to help sustainable. Thank  many people to send donative to them. If you want to be part of this effort, please send your contribution by Paypal at www.eqeb.org. See more...


Operation Ecuador began in 1989 as five North American families arrived in Quito to plant a new church in the north-central part of the city. Since then it has blossomed to become a non-pofit foundation encompassing several church and para-church ministries. To date these ministries include several church plants throughout Ecuador. "The Quito School of Biblical Studies" (EQEB), Camp Bellevue, the Hacienda Hope, Medical Campaigns, the Internet and Kumanií Christian Center.

What are we:
Operation Ecuador is a joint effort of bretheren abroad and local to minister holistically in Jesus name. We are simple Christians following Jesus'example and Word to "freely give as we have been freely given."

What we believe:
We believe in the Scriptures and the power of God to resurrected lives here and the life to come.

Welcome to this site, you'll learn more about all the good things God is doing through this ministery.



Online Courses

Online Courses


The On-line program is divided into three modules: basic, intermediate and advanced. The entire program is free and in Spanish. All for the glory of God and His son Jesus!