A movie comes to mind which I could see a few years ago, I don’t remember the title, but the story revolves around a man of science who meets the love of his life one night, she suffers an accident that same day, dying . The scientist, obsessed by the love of this lady, creates a machine to go back in time to the day the events occurred, all with the desire to be able to change things and his love does not die. This man completes his work, returns in time, however, everything is useless, because the girl dies again, and that is how she enters a circle of returns, but every time she does it, in one way or another the maiden dies .

Today we start a new year, this moment perhaps helps us to review what we have done or not done in the past year, a question comes to our mind, could it be that we did everything that was within our reach, or did we leave some things for tomorrow?, and this tomorrow has not yet come and perhaps never will. Others may wish to be able to produce a time machine to go back to the past and try to change some things, or do others that they stopped doing, however, that is just an illusion, a chimera.

That hug not given, that phrase in silence, that idea that was lost in so much thought, that hidden smile, the sadness and pain kept, an unwritten poem, a truncated study, a goal not reached, or a dream not realized; the expected trip that was not possible, looking into the eyes in silence, approaching someone loved or moving away from someone who hurts us, there are so many things that did not happen, forgetting the things that were achieved.

Be that as it may, yesterday is now past, it is memory, it is history, and unfortunately it cannot be changed, we must live with the weight of our decisions, learning to live in the present even knowing that we will make mistakes again.

We must understand well what the Preacher tells us: “there is time for everything…”, “everything has its time under the sun…”. It must be understood that everything we have experienced, everything we have been through is forming us, molding us and training us for what comes next, for now, for tomorrow, for our future. It is all those moments that help us grow and that growth must be reflected today.

Likewise, it should be kept in mind: “everything comes to your hand, do it…” therefore, if you have a goal today, carry it out, do not lose heart, if you are studying, do not give up, if you have a project, put your best effort, focus , think differently, it may be that someone tells you that you miss out on the good things in life if you don’t do this or that, don’t pay attention, don’t think you’re missing out on enjoying life, because what you think you’re losing can make you lose focus. your main objective, returning to the starting point, is to leave something unfinished, which in the end when you look back you will see that you have not advanced.

There are no machines to go back in time, you cannot change the past, but you can live the present and forge it with wise decisions, making good use of time, this precious gift that God gives us. We are fortunate, because today we can still enjoy the blessings of the Most High, last year, as they say, many dreams were cut short, a large number of people died, knowing that it can be said that we are privileged, let’s not forget that, let’s do our part in this world, being light shining in the darkness, being the voice that proclaims the good news, being living examples of a life that reflects who we belong to…