One Hundred Fold Campaign

As of October 2022 the QSOBS board has launched the 100 Fold Campaign. We are looking for 100 partners in love with what God has done and is doing through the QSOBS. The challenge is simply to include the QSOBS Foundation in your will. We are not asking for a certain amount or percentage, but in keeping with biblical principals, your gift will be between you and the Lord.
Long ago the Lord of the Harvest explained it this way, There are different types of soils and different types of hearts that react to the eternal seed of the Gospel. Those hearts tender to accept, are like that «seed that fell into the good soil, and grew up, and produced a crop a hundred times as great.” Luke 8:8
We believe the soil in South America is fertile and open to the life-giving seed from above. As you consider where the Lord is directing you to invest your life-savings. I hope that you will remember this special Andean school that God has used for so many years. Consider becoming part of the «One Hundred Fold.» Choose a number not taken and let us know of your partnership to plant eternal seeds of the Gospel in the good soil that is bearing fruit in Latin America.




«Sowing Seeds of the Gospel in Latin America.»

Securing Long-Term Financial Stability for the Quito School of Biblical Studies.


Equipping Servants of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in Latin America!

The Quito School of Biblical Studies

First opened its door to students in 1997. Ecuador and other countries in Latin America were «white unto the harvest,» but the local churches lacked the structure and training to minister to so many searchinhg for eternal truth.

To help meet this need, a band of five missionary families envisioned creating a school that would train Latin America’s own sons and daughters to spread the hope of Jesus in their countries of origin.

Over 25 year have passed and the QSOBS now traing around forty or more students at a time. Students attend three years of full-time intensive theological and practical ministry classes, preparing them to serve the church and cause of Christ troughout Latin America.

International Influence

Around half of the school’s students come from outside of Ecuador’s borders. We boast of more than 250 graduates serving in almost every country in Central and South America. Countless lives have been led  to Jesus, and more than forty new churches planted since the school’s inception.

Sound Missions Principles Applied

In 2015 the QSOBS added vocational training ti its track of studies, enabling students to learn a technical skill for use after grauation. Some graduates can find local churches who will support them in the ministry, but most design and implement a bivocational strategy to provide for their family while serving the local congregation or new church plant.

To continue this great work, we must do our part to secure its long-term future, The QSOBS is the leading Spanish-speaking Bible Institute of Churches of Christ in South America. To enable a more stable financial future, concerned sponsors have created the QSOBS Trust as a place where partners can include this ministry in their state plan. As any school or college will attest, without long-range planning, schools such as the QSOBS can expect an uncertain future.


  • Holds 501C3 legal status of tax-deductible giving.
  • Donations will generate yearly income for the QSOBS from interest of the principal balance.
  • Sterred by a board of seven members representatives of principal congregations of the Churches of Christ who support the QSOBS.
  • Overseen by the Southwest Church of Christ in Pueblo CO, sponsoring congregation of the QSOBS.

Please Contact Us:

Kent Marcum

Stateside Representative 22938 SW Bishop RD Indiahoma, OK 73552


C/O East Hill Church of Christ 1225 E 10th St. York, NE 68467

Joshua K. Marcum

Director of Development for Operation Ecuador

Apartado 17-21-0217, Eloy Alfaro Quito, Ecuador 170522

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