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Orientation 2015

On 27 and 28 August it was held orientation for the start of the new school year. This season we have students from several countries like Mexico, El Salvador, Venezuela, Cuba, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. The event was held in the camp Bellevue, same with spacious areas to develop several activities such as spiritual, recreational and contemplation growth. Thanks to those who sponsor the work of the Quito School of Biblical Studies and made it possible to start this new study cycle. This year students will begin with a bi-vocational training where they learn Bible and a job that will enable them upon graduation generate income for their families while church planting easier.

photo: Arriving at Camp

photo: Group of students

photo: Group of students and teachers

photo: Juan Loyola was guiding worship

photo: Joshua Marcum gave greetings to students.

photo: Larry Foster taught about Historical places where Jesus lived.

photo: A fireplace where we had a devocional.

photo: Chela & Rosita cooking

photo: Jaime & Evelia Barroso from Oaxaca, México

photo: Sports time, ecuavoley.

photo: Tennis table match.


Online Courses

Online Courses


The On-line program is divided into three modules: basic, intermediate and advanced. The entire program is free and in Spanish. All for the glory of God and His son Jesus!