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During the past medical campaign conducted in February of 20015, Luciano Anapa from Calle Mansa obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ. Due to his physical state, he was baptized in a makeshift baptistery with water we brought up from the river. Post this baptism he has recoverded temporarily though his condition is terminal. He has also dedicated the las few months to helping provide wood or the new church building in the town.
The missionary work in this area is difficult, but the Lord is blessing souls who respond to His call. Please pray for the six QSOBS missionaries who serve the Cayapas River.  Also note: The Colon church in Quito is partnering with Kumanií to distribute clothes to the area and so any donation of clothes can be sent here. 

photo: Filling the baptistery with river water

photo: Lucina Añapa is taken of his bed to be born again

photo: Calle Mansa residents witnessed the baptism

photo: Luciano is buried to be born again in Christ

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