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  • Men's Conference

    QSOBS celebrated his 25th annual conference at Camp Bellevue. This time, we invited to Jim Holway to present the theme: "Leading with a Limp". 130 Brothers from many congregation of Ecuador came to the camp. This activity wants to train leaders to be good servants however their imperfections. We had a wonderful time and we shared the communion with many chritians of all Ecuador. See more...

  • Leading with a Limp

    QSOBS will host a New International Men´s Conference.  Jim Holway from Miami- USA is going to present this theme. We are inviting leaders of all Ecuador to come to Tabacundo next October 27th - 28th. More information call please 02-2528943. See more...

  • Medical Mission Kumanii Jun 2017

    A group of christians worked at Cayapas River last week giving medical care. Medical Missions are a tool to prepare the land to spread Jesus´s gospel and now the harvest is wonderful. Three congregations have been planted at Calle Mansa, Loma Linda and El Progreso.  Ladies classes has 80 sisters each week. The missionary team is renewing with two new graduates Ronny San Nicolas and Yicson Caicedo. It is a honour for us to serve at Cayapas River. See more...

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  • Graduation 2018


    The QSOBS Promotion Seventeenth. On this occasion 16 students concluded with all the academic, practical and presentation requirements of their monograph. They received a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from Sunset International Bible Institute. Baxter's brother, Steve Teel, introduced the baccarat message and Miguel Albarracín, delivered the Bachelor's degree. In addition, one web site students completed the online Bible program and received their respective Bible Studies Certificates. One of them is from Quito, Ecuador. The swore up was carried out by Johua Marcum and the final farewell prayer was given by Kent Marcum. To date, 223 students have graduated in person. María Quimbiamba de Quito, Ecuador was the best graduate. Graduates also learned different jobs such as nursing, pastry, electricity, cell phone repair, etc. See more...

Online Courses

Online Courses


The On-line program is divided into three modules: basic, intermediate and advanced. The entire program is free and in Spanish. All for the glory of God and His son Jesus!